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  • 5 GSMXS Certified Motocross Instructors

    5 GSMXS Certified Motocross Instructors

    As of February 16th, 2015 there are 5 GSMXS Certified Motocross Instructors. Click here to see who and where they are located.

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  • Another training day at GSMXS

    Another training day at GSMXS

    Mario Testa, Jordan Weber, Jacob Williamson and I do some motos on my deep loamy track before hitting the gym. Getting the boys ready for Loretta’s. July 15, 2013. All this footage was shot with the ISAW Helmet Cam.

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  • Helmet Cam Laps July 2013

    Helmet Cam Laps July 2013

    Here’s 10 minutes of Jordan Weber and I at my MX School track on July 2, 2013. We keep doing a lot of work to keep the track in good shape. This was the next day after some rain. The track was excellent.

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  • Motocross Conditioning 2 DVD is here!

    Motocross Conditioning 2 DVD is here!

    This new Training DVD comes with a PDF Training and Nutrition Manual. Here’s how it starts out: The Motocross Training Manual This Manual is designed to compliment The MX Conditioning DVD #2. Here you can quickly see the sample Weekly Training Programs, Weight Exercise Programs, Cardio Programs, Stretching Program, Nutrition guide lines and a lot of facts you’ll want to remember. The amazing human body. The human body is truly amazing.  When you put the right amounts of stress (exercise) […]

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  • Gary Semics MX School Track April 15, 2013

    Gary Semics MX School Track April 15, 2013

    The first lap is Mario Testa on the 250F Kaw shot with a camcorder. Hunter Minns was behind him on the Suzuki 450 until he got hit in the face with a rock. The 2nd lap is me (Gary Semics) shot with a ISaw Helmet Cam. We keep adding wood chip and top soil to the track in order to maintain great soil conditions for motos. The jumps are mostly clay.

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  • Treadmill Fitness Test

    Treadmill Fitness Test

    Motocross is one of the toughest sports. One has to be mentally and physically very strong. Want to see where you stack up against the competition?

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  • Training Habits

    Training Habits

    Hi Everyone, I just wrote this short article about “Training” thought you might enjoy it and hopefully get some motivation from it. People who don’t exercise regularly don’t know what they’re missing. I remember being in my teens and racing motocross. Back then the motos, even at many local races were 30 minutes. I found out very quickly that I had to be in good shape if I was going to last. So as I got a little older, in […]

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  • What’s been happening?

    What’s been happening?

    2012 has been a great year for my family and I. David has been growing his MX School business by acquiring steady costumers and implementing longer agreements for weekly, monthly quarterly memberships to his classes. My step-daughter Kim has 2 new healthy twin girls born in Sept. I won the 50 Masters class at Loretta’s, completed my newest Volume 3 Series DVDs (8 for a total of 25), started training another Pro (Zach Bell Gieco Honda Team) in December about […]

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  • Another Congrats to Ryan Villopoto

    Another Congrats to Ryan Villopoto

    RV does it again, another Supercross Championship (2012). Ryan is a true testimony that hard work and sacrifice pays off. I remember when I was training him back in Calli on 85s. Before taking a few days off he would ride everyday of the month. Race on the weekends and practice everyday of the month. After practice he had to train on his stationary bicycle. This type of early preparation developed Ryan in a way that he is now able […]

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  • Motocross Basic Jumping Techniques

    With over 26 years of teaching motocross I have found the most effective methods and strategies for how to become a better rider.

    This Video delivers that information for mastering the Basic Jumping Techniques. You’ll learn through slow motion and stop action while I explain the right techniques and the most common mistakes.

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  • Motocross Jumping Absorbing, Scrubbing & Whipping Techniques – VO3 DVD #8. . . $24.95

    Motocross Jumping Absorbing, Scrubbing & Whipping Techniques – VO3 DVD #8. . . $24.95

    Instructional DVD #8 delivers the information for mastering the Absorbing, Scrubbing and Whipping Techniques. You’ll learn through slow motion and stop action while I explain the correct techniques. Now it’s your turn to start doing some awesome jumps without taking unnecessary chances. Learn how in this Absorbing, Scrubbing, Whipping DVD and look Awesome!!

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  • Motocross Skills for Vets DVD #1…$24.95

    Motocross Skills for Vets DVD #1…$24.95

    Learn how to make your motocross corners faster, smoother, in control and safer with my time tested and proven practice methods. The reality is, we’re “over the hill” as they say. Sure we can never be as fast as we were but we can still have fun, be safe and still be pretty darn fast. Now that we are getting older it’s becoming more and more important to be smarter. Don’t worry life begins after 30….lol. Discover just how much fun you can have on a dirt bike!

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What do my clients say?

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Hey Gary Semics:

I attended your school in April (19th and 20th I think) and my dad and I plan on attending GSMXS again in April.

Your motocross school really helped me improve and I’m really going faster in the corners thanks to you.


Jeff Seidenberg #934

PS – I saw you in Racer X Magazine!

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