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  • Vol 1 DVD #1 All the Techniques for Every Condition. . . $7.98

    All the Techniques for Every Condition How beneficial would it be to know and understand the most important techniques for every condition in Motocross? With this # 1 DVD you’ll understand the key techniques for: Cornering – Braking – Jumping – Bumps and Whoops – Ruts and Grooves – Passing – and Exercise and diet. If you want to save $$$$ and still get the important moto techniques this Volume 1 DVD Series is for you. The techniques are demonstrated […]

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  • Vol 1 DVD #2 The Rider & Motorcycle Become One. . . $9.88

    This DVD (The Rider and Motorcycle Become One) will defiantly make you faster. DVD 2 gets more in-depth with the important aspects of Motocross including: Body positions and movements – How to practice the most important techniques separately -The most important part of a corner (which are the Approach and Exit Dex) – How to master Clutch and throttle control – In depth Braking Techniques – Practice drill for clutch and throttle – Practice drill for front brake – Practice drill […]

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  • Vol 1 DVD #3 The Art of Jumping & Whoops. . . $9.88

    Learn how to master the important techniques of jumping and whoops using the same techniques that Jeremy McGrath and other top pros use! I should know because I trained Jeremy and many other top pros. You’ll master the following important aspects of jumping and whoops: Approach Speed – Taking off jumps and whoops with perfect Clutch and throttle Control – Rear Brake Control – Body Movements for take offs and landings – The most important part of a jump – […]

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  • Vol 1 DVD #4 Develop the Pro Style. . . $9.88

    Every Pro rider has developed a signature riding style. Now you can learn some of the techniques and styles so you can ride more like the pros. You don’t want to look or worse yet ride like a pit squid, do you? Learn about the following subjects: The Natural Talent scale, how much do you have – What it takes to succeed in MX, Consistent Desire, Commitment and Preparation, how much do you have – how the pros Adjust the […]

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  • Vol 1 DVD #5 What To Do On Raceday. . . $7.98

    If you want better race results this #5 DVD is the info you need! “What To Do On Race Day” gives you the steps to follow in order to race at your highest potential. You’ll learn all about things like;  How to develop the right mindset on race day – What things to look for when walking the track – Getting the most out of Morning Practice – What to do between practice and the first moto – On the starting line […]

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  • Vol 1 DVD #6 Eliminating Arm Pump. . . $9.98

    In DVD #6 I share my time-tested methods and strategies for racing with strength and endurance in your arms, not lactic acid pump. I used to suffer from arm pump. I’ve heard about and tried all the common methods that most motocrossers know about but none of them worked. The most common one is the weight and rope on a stick, like a broom stick, where you wined and unwind the rope, which made my arm pump issue worse.  After […]

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  • Vol 1 DVD #7 All About Cornering. . . $17.98

    Cornering is one of the most important parts of racing.  Learn my time tested and proven cornering techniques and practice methods so you can experience how smooth and fast corners are suppose to be taken. Through my over 25 years of teaching motocross I have put together the most effective practice drills for cornering that will get you the results you’d expect from someone who’s trained Jeremy McGrath, Ryan Villopoto, Kevin Windham, Ezra Lusk, John Dowd, Branden Jesseman and many […]

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  • Vol 1 DVD #8 Bike Set Up. . . $19.98

    Why ride or worse yet race a bike that’s way out of adjustment? This 8th and final DVD of my Volume 1 Series covers all the important adjustments that every bike needs because of the differences in the rider’s weight and skill level and sometimes in extreme differences in track conditions. You will gain speed and confidence when all the components of your motorcycle are set up properly. Learn in clear detail about how the: Carburetor works (2 strokes only) Suspension […]

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What do my clients say?

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Mike Metz

Hey Gary, Just want to let you know that before I attended your class, i would barely break the top 10 in the Expert class.

This weekend i raced Silver Springs MX and placed a perfect 1st Overall in the 450 Expert class against guys who normally whoop my ass.

Feels so great to actually win. Its been 4 years since I’ve won a moto and I’ve never won the overall in the Expert class since i have turned expert.

Everyone came up to me and I told them your the man to thank, so you might be getting some calls. I put the good word in for you. Hope to keep in touch. Thanks again for everything. Your knowledge and training means the world.

Thanks, Mike Metz

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