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  • 2012 Everything Value Pack. . . $415.00

    2012 Everything Value Pack Get all the training material I currently have and save big $$$… With a former long top 10 pro racing career and an AMA Pro Supercross Championship myself and even a 2012 AMA Amateur National Title at Loretta Lyn’s in the 50 Masters class, add to that over 25 years of teaching motocross from the beginners to the world’s best I have found the most effective methods and strategies for how to become a better rider […]

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  • 2012 partial Value Pack. . . $318.00

    2012 Partial Value Pack This Value Pack includes everything I have available up through January 2013 excluding the Volume 1 Series and new MX Conditioning 2 DVD. It also includes a free DVD (The Evolution of Motocross). So you receive the 4 VO2 Series DVDs, all 8 VO3 Series DVDs, all 5 Stand Alone DVDs which includes The Evolution DVD free, The 2 CDs and The Motocross Practice Manual. You’re getting everything accept the Volume 1 Series. The riders I have trained including: McGrath, Windham, […]

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  • Volume 3 2011 Value Pack. . . $163.72

    This Value Pack gives you my latest Technique DVDs, the 2011 – 2012 Volume 3 Series consisting of 8 DVDs. This series really breaks down and describes all the basic techniques of motocross and shows you easy to understand and follow practice methods in order to make all these absolute techniques become automatic and natural. Unlike my other DVDs this Series is designed to start with DVD #1 and go up in order from there. Now you can learn all […]

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  • Volume 3 First 4 DVDs Value Pack. . . $83.84

    If you don’t want to spring for the entire VO3 Series Value Pack you can buy the first 4 DVDs in this VP. They were all produced in 2011.  Discover what you’ve been missing when you learn and apply the techniques in these first 4 DVDs: DVD 1 (Body Positions and Movements, DVD 2 (Braking Techniques, DVD 3 (Clutch, Throttle and Shifting Techniques) and DVD 4 (Hard, Slippery Corning Techniques).  These DVDs really illustrate all the important fundamental techniques of […]

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  • “New” Volume 3 Second 4 DVDs Value Pack. . . $79.84

    This 2nd half of the Volume 3 Series caps off the cornering DVDs with #5 (Bermed (Rutted) Cornering Techniques), then finishes off with the jumping technique DVDs including #6 (Basic Motocross Jumping), #7 (Seat Bouncing and Launching) and #8 (Absorbing, Scrubbing and Whipping). They were all produced in 2011 and 2012. Whether you’re learning for the first time or breaking bad habits don’t take unnecessary chances and waste time and money. With these time tested and proven Training DVDs you can learn all […]

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  • Value Pack VO2 with all 4 DVDs. . . $62.91

    Receive all 4 Volume 2 DVDs – The Complete Set and save 50% off retail! Get the absolute techniques for railing corners, pulling holeshots, skimming whoops to launching, scrubbing and whipping it off  jumps. Learn what I’ve continue to learn and teach as the sport evolves. For the info and previews for each of these DVDs go here. Here’s what Brock Sellards has to say: I highly recommend using Gary Semics.  I’ve learned how to focus and how to become […]

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  • “New” Stand Alone DVDs Value Pack. . . $59.98

    Here you’ll receive three motocross technique DVDs and the popular MX Conditioning DVD marked down even more from their individual sale prices. These four DVDs do not belong to a series, hence Stand Alone. They are: “The 2 Day MX School”, “Private Lesson with Gary Semics”, “Sand and Grass Techniques” and “The MX Conditioning DVD”. As always the use of repeat frames, slow motion and stop action are used so it’s easy to understand the techniques and practice strategies while […]

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  • Gary Semics MX Technique Value Pack 7,3 & 2 Day. . . $54.50

    Includes: VO1 DVD #7, VO2 DVD #3 and the MX 2 Day School DVD (2-disk set) This Value Pack saves you over 50% off retail. This is a great VP that gives you the Cornering Techniques, Jumping and Whoops and all the info of The Popular 2 Day Gary Semics MX School. For individual DVD info and previews please go to each DVD separately from the “Buy DVD Volumes 1, 2 or the Stand Alone DVDs”. Join the thousands who […]

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  • All 8 DVDs of Volume 1 Value Pack. . . $89.75

    DVD Value Pack Volume 1 with all 8 DVDs This Value Pack includes all 8 DVDs of Volume I and saves you 60% off retail. This is a fantastic, economical Value Pack giving you so many  important techniques that are necessary in order to improve your riding skills.  Everything from Cornering, Jumping, Whoops, Starts, Eliminating Arm Pump and even how to set up your bike. Now you can learn the same techniques, at a low price, I’ve taught many of the top […]

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What do my clients say?

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Subject: Re: Gary Semics’ Motocross Body Positions and Movements DVD
Greetings Gary and Staff:

I just watched for the first time, DVD No. 1 in the new Volume 3 series of training material designed for beginners and vet riders.

What stands out with the product, is that its a true tutorial presented in a format that allows a person to actually learn on their own.  Nothing is glossed over, but instead, every detail is addressed in both theory and application.
You incorporation of modern day learning theory and its application to the sport of MX enables the practioner to become a better rider much more quickly.  T

hat equates to a cost savings as well since the benefit of precious practice time is maximized, and not wasted. I will be venturing forth this weekend for the first time in months-I have finally recovered from a non riding injury-and will be relying on the material to bring me back up to speed.

I look forward to the next DVD, which I believe is braking?

In any event, thanks for creating such a great product.
Take Care,

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