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  • Motocross Skills for Vets DVD #1…$24.95

    Motocross Skills for Vets DVD #1…$24.95

    Learn how to make your motocross corners faster, smoother, in control and safer with my time tested and proven practice methods. The reality is, we’re “over the hill” as they say. Sure we can never be as fast as we were but we can still have fun, be safe and still be pretty darn fast. Now that we are getting older it’s becoming more and more important to be smarter. Don’t worry life begins after 30….lol. Discover just how much fun you can have on a dirt bike!

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  • Motocross Skills for Vets DVD #2…$24.95

    Motocross Skills for Vets DVD #2…$24.95

    Enjoy the most fun you can have on a dirt bike with my dirt bike jumping skills made simple DVD! In this Vets #2 DVD I break down all the important jumping techniques and practice methods for you to become confident when jumping

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  • Motocross Conditioning 2 DVD. . . $31.96

    Motocross Conditioning 2 DVD. . . $31.96

    This how to train for motocross DVD or Stream has many training programs tailored for mx riders, including a 62 page PDF Training, Diet and Nutrition Manual for easy references. Learn the most effective ways to train off the bike in order to make you better and stronger on the bike!

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  • Motocross Conditioning 1 DVD. . . $19.98

    Motocross Conditioning 1 DVD. . . $19.98

    This Motocross Conditioning DVD and Manual combo package includes my training and diet information to make you a lean mean racing machine. Within a few days after you order the DVD disc or stream the Training Manual will be emailed to you in a PDF file. The best training and diet programs that I used to train Jeremy McGrath, Ezra Lusk, Kevin Windam and many of the other top pros are now available to you through this easy to understand video and manual.

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  • 2 Day Motocross School DVD. . . $19.98

    2 Day Motocross School DVD. . . $19.98

    This instructional DVD is the next best thing to being at one of Gary’s personal motocross classes and if you have been there this DVD is a great way to remember all the important mx techniques you learned. With this DVD you can go through the class whenever you want and as many times as you want. All the important techniques are explained and demonstrated in a stationary position and in action practice drills.

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  • Motocross Private Lesson with Gary Semics. . . $14.98

    Motocross Private Lesson with Gary Semics. . . $14.98

    This DVD is like attending a private lesson with the former champ and legendary instructor Gary Semics. I will take you out riding with me for the day on an awesome private MX track in Bushnell Florida as I demonstrate and explain all the techniques that have helped make champions. The 10 plus top riders I’ve trained, from Jeremy McGrath to Ryan Villopoto have won 24 AMA Pro Titles.

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  • Motocross Sand & Grass Techniques. . . $9.98

    Motocross Sand & Grass Techniques. . . $9.98

    You’ll learn how to practice & master carrying more speed through the corners & sand whoops with control & confidence. The techniques taught would be used on many different types of surfaces. Learn how to use the rear brake for faster entry speed into corners. Learn how to use the front brake as hard as you need to without sliding out. You’ll also learn how to handle those ruff sand whoop sections with speed, control & less physical effort & much more.

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  • The Evolution of Motocross DVD. . . $14.78

    The Evolution of Motocross DVD. . . $14.78

    See the legends of motocross in their prime as they form what has become today’s motocross industry. Video footage begins with European racing in 1948 and covers the history of MX all the way to scenes of Jeremy McGrath on his private practice track in 1995.

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What do my clients say?

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Gary Semics & Josh Thompson

I’ve went from 250 lbs down to 160 lbs with the help of Gary Semics MX Conditioning DVD. I can really tell a big difference with how I feel on the bike. Not only do I not tire out, but the bike handles and performs better with me having the strength to ride it with ease now.

I decided to test my new conditioning out in this years 23rd annual Great Greenbrier River Race. It’s a 17 mile triathlon that consist of a 3 mile run (that I completed with a time of 20min 37s), a 4 mile kayak (completed in 45min 51s), and a 10 mile bike ride (completed in 36min 59s). I crossed the line 44th out of 222 with a overall time of 1hr 43min 27s and thats even after suffering a broken paddle in the kayaking event.

I owe a lot to Gary for teaching me his conditioning and all of his techniques in the sport that I love. Thanks Gary,

Josh Thompson

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