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GSMXS Certified Motocross Instructors were first supplied with an extensive study course consisting of DVDs and written material. Then they pasted the testing designed by me (Gary Semics).   These tests are five written and two days on the bike testing. These Instructors are approved by me to teach the same techniques with the same methods and strategies as I do.  These instructors are their own business and are not directly affiliated with The Gary Semics MX School, Inc.
This program began in April of 2014.  Currently there are 7 Certified Instructor.  Hopefully many more will follow in order to continue helping riders “Become Better Riders” through the techniques, methods and strategies I have developed for over 30 years.

In the US.

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Ryan Jones – Winchester VA.  Website   Email    Cell phone: 540-514-4367








In South Peru





Julio Chiang Nicolini – Lima, Peru   Facebook Page     Email






In Argentina

Jorge Martin new


Jorge Martin – Bartiloche, Argentina  Facebook    Email   Phone +542944532350

Note: Jorge has been with me since 1999 as a franchise instructor. Now he has become a certified instructor. Jorge has always done an excellent job with his motocross school business and continues to improve! Jorge is willing to travel worldwide in order to do schools. Please contact Jorge or I in order to organize having him come to your location.  Jorge speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish.








Martin Anglesio –  Rio Gallegos, Argentina  Facebook   Email   Phone +54 -2966-346485







gary semics daniel schiro_edited_GSlogo


Daniel Schiro – Ituzaingo Corrientes, Argentina  Facebook  Email  Phone +54 9 3756 41-6590







Note: After the 3 Certified Instructors (above) from Argentina passed their 2 days of testing the 4 of us did a 2 day school with 30 riders. All 3 instructors did an excellent job. All the riders were very happy.


In Chile

Nico Pizzaro 2




Nicolas Pizarro – Antofagasta, Chile  Facebook  Email, Phone +56976141834




Note: After Nico passed his 2 days of testing he did two 2 day schools with Jorge Martin and I.  There were 47 riders who were very happy with the schools.  The 23 year old, pro level rider Nico is already doing an excellent job teaching my techniques.


In Spain



Josias Santana Hernandez –  Islas Canarias, Spain

Facebook   Email,

Note:  Josias pasted all the written tests, all the bike tests and received more experience while doing two 2 day schools with my top notch (16 years) GSMXS Certified Instructor Jorge Martin.  Josias is an excellent rider and instructor.  I am proud to have him as my first Certified Instructor in Europe.




In Germany, Austria, Hungary



Bob Pudor – Freital, Germany

Email    Website    Facebook


Note: Bob Pudor made the long trip to come here to my home in Lisbon, Ohio.  He pasted all the written test and all the on the bike test.  This 30 year old rider has a lot of motocross, enduro and cross country experience, winning several International Titles in Enduro and Cross Country.  Bob is an exceptional rider and an excellent GSMXS Certified Instructor. You can be sure you’re getting the latest American techniques with Bob Pudor!


What do my clients say?

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How soon until release (VO3 DVD #7 – Motocross Seat Bouncing and Launching Techniques)? I am progressing right with your videos and this is the next one I need. Your videos have changed my whole learning process. I went from spending months at the track trying to learn a technique to watching your videos once, practicing on the stand and then having it just click for me at the track. Only if my engineering teachers in college had the Semics teaching method, college would have been much easier.
Regards, Antonio Dias

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